Promotion, Marketing, and Content

Please view our Magento Showcase to see some examples of online Web stores that we have completed for our clients.

Magento offers several ways to help maximize product promotion by allowing customers to keep track of what changes have been made to your sites and to keep track of what products are available. Customers are encouraged to be involved in the site if they are able to control which parts of the site they want to monitor.

One of the more well-known promotional features is known as the wishlist. This allows customers and visitors to your site to mark any products they want to either purchase for or to give to anyone who asks for a wishlist. The ability to save products to a wishlist increases the chances that customers will remember products that caught their interest and that they will return to purchase them in the future. To allow wishlists on your site, go to System, Configuration, and click on the tab labeled “Wishlist” in the left column. Select “yes” from the drop-down menu when asked, and this will allow customers to add products to their wishlists. Each customer has the ability to have their own wishlist page, where products they desire will appear.

Another useful feature is the “compare products” feature, which allows customers to compare attributes of and information about different products, as they appear side-by-side. Several products can be selected and sent to the “Add to Compare” list. The list, however, will not immediately appear, and may only be accessed by clicking the Compare Items button. Upon clicking the button, customers will see a pop-up window, and all products selected will be in a list. The attributes that will be displayed can be set in the administrator set-up screens, and the products set to be compared do not have to be in the same attribute set. If one or two products do not share the same attributes with other products in the list, the area for that comparison will simply be left blank. While on this page, customers will be able to add any products they want to their check-out cart or wishlist.

You can set new products to be displayed at the bottom on your Web site when visitors first come to it. By using the “set product as new from/to date” capabilities on your Web site, you ensure that any product added within the set range of dates, current date included, will be shown at the bottom of the screen on the home page of your Web site. This allows you to show customers any new products recently added every time they visit your site.

Finally, another way to ensure widespread knowledge of your sites and products is to set up an RSS feed, which allows customers to sign up for a feed and have new and recently-updated information sent directly to wherever they read their feeds. To set up these feeds, go to System, Configuration and click on the RSS Feeds tab, located in the left column. Select enable to turn on the updates. Some customers may choose to only display all current specially-priced products, while another might choose to sign up for only a certain number of most-recently added specials.

Please view our Magento Showcase to see some examples of online Web stores that we have completed for our clients.