Selling on Magento

Please view our Magento Showcase to see some examples of online Web stores that we have completed for our clients.

The checkout process Magento offers includes ways to customize localization, shipping, taxes, and payment and the process begins when one of your customers places an item in their cart. Customers can either be directed to their cart every time a product is added or you can choose to have them sent to their cart only when they click on a specific button. These settings can be set by going to System, Configuration and then by clicking on the left column checkout tab and choosing your own preferences. Magento saves your customers’ shopping cart additions automatically, but you can choose the amount of time a product may remain in a cart by setting a days limit in the Quote Lifetime section. As a customer continued shopping, their shopping cart will be visible in a quick view on any page that has a right column. This action may be specified by you in design settings.

When customers get to their shopping cart, each product will be listed in a different row. For each product, customers may change the quantity, or decide to get rid of the product entirely. There is also a link within the shopping cart allowing the customers to continue shopping, giving them the ability to add more products to their shopping cart.

While in shopping cart mode, customers must add any coupon codes they may have in the field designated Discount Codes if they want the coupon to be applicable during checkout. When customers press the Apply Coupon button, any discounts will be applied to any products in the cart and a new total will appear in the page’s bottom right corner. Customers also have the ability to see estimates for taxes and shipping before they begin the checkout process. In order to accomplish this, they must enter their ZIP/postal code, state or province, and their country in the Estimate Shipping and Tax field, and choose “Get a Quote.” Customers may also update their total if, for example, they have added more products to their cart, by clicking the Update Total button.

Changes to the order in which customers see checkout information may be changed by going to System, Configuration and by clicking on the left column’s Sales tab, then by entering the order in the “checkout totals sort order” section.

You must specify tax options by going to System, Configuration, and by clicking on the Sales tab. During this time, you can say if you’d prefer to apply taxes after discount. You may also choose Tax Class for Shipping and Tax Based On.

As customers make changes to information during checkout, their Your Checkout Progress menu located in the right column, will be automatically updated.

You may also choose to have Magento notify you through RSS feed whenever a new order is created. To use this option, go to Sales, Orders, and click New Order RSS. You will be asked for your user name and password and then will be allowed to choose to which RSS reader you want your updates sent.